About AMC

Our history

Asia Motor Services Center Company or “AMC”
We provide maintenance services of motors, generators, pumps, dynamic balance turbines, and blowers. We can confidently repair and maintain all types of machinery in accordance with the manufacturer’s standards.
With over 35 years of experience in using modern day tools and technology, supervised by a group of professional engineers and analysts, we can offer high quality materials alongside a competent team of technicians to facilitate a one-stop maintenance service.

Board of Director

Mr. Akarachat Boonsathitthavorn

President, PD

Mr. Chaiphibool Boonsathitthavorn

Managing  Director, MD


“Committed to maintaining and developing high standards of work in challenging environments while adhering to strict safety and environmental policies”


Leading company in maintenance services for motors, electric generators, and water pumps. We are able to repair and construct high-quality components to international standards all while emphasizing our environmental and safety codes.


The development of repair work process flow

We are committed to providing our workflow process consistently using our teams of highly experienced personnel, utilising modern-day tools and technology, with a focus on customer satisfaction.

To make the most of resources

We promote resource utilisation at the maximum in order to get good yields for the stakeholders.

Importance and safety

Safety is our number one priority.

Happiness in working environment

Commit to a family culture at work as an organisation of knowledge, improving employees by developing their knowledge as well as thinking abilities, and building the consciousness of love and pride of being part of the organisation.

Attention to the society

We pay attention to the importance of social relationships, both within the organisation and external (CSR), by building strong bonds with the community involving different organisations such as in government and private sectors.

ํYears of experience

Successful works


& Instruments

We are able to provide specialized tools and equipment for modern machines. We are able to provide services in accordance with international standards.


We are proud to be a part of the Thai culture and industry as well as encouraging the Thai economy to move forward with sustainability.